Name: Bruce Jorgensen
Age: old enough
College: BYU & WSU
Favorite Pastime: Reading tax cases from the US Tax Court

Experience, Passion, Taxes–it’s a long story.

I’m Bruce Jorgensen.  I have 30 years of experience in accounting, computer technology, small business/individual taxes, and information systems big and small.  I love accounting and personal computing. I have spent my life enjoying two careers–as a CPA and as a computer expert. 
When I was just starting in my own business, I bought a computer system with a specialized program just for accountants.  I ran into problems.  I called the company that made the system.  I asked the programmer why the software would not perform a certain way.  He said, “You can’t do that with a computer!”  I was shocked.  Ever since I have worked to make sure computer systems work the way people do! 
I worked directly with the Internal Revenue Service for several years. I can help you work with the IRS to resolve your tax problems.
I can help you get more out of your technology dollars; I can help you keep your taxes as low as possible.